Fostering Game Play

Since 2009, we have been operating a Game Center in TTDI, called FnD Mindspot. For FunTech, our game center serves 2 main purposes. Firstly, it serves as a place to facilitate and promote the playing of games on a regular basis. We have over 200 board games, as well as some giant games that are physically and mentally engaging. Many people would love to play games but are not used to doing so. This is because games can be quite expensive and there are very few places suitable to get people together to play games. We have decided to provide such a place to create a culture that is familiar with and regularly engages with games.

ReGame R & D

Our second purpose for creating the game center, and playing a very significant role to what we do, is that it serves as our R&D Center. For the last 3 years, we have been actively observing the power of games on the behavior of our customers. We have observed and analyzed how people respond to various types of games. We have observed the various excitement levels generated from different types of games. We have observed how different types of game mechanics can produce different types of responses from the same people. We have seen how specific types of thinking, skills, and habits can be developed from constant engagement with well-designed games. All in all, even though our observations and experiments continue daily, we have seen enough evidence over the last 3 years to give us the full conviction and confidence that our ReGame Platform can be very valuable and useful in achieving goals and objectives and producing Positive Transformation.