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After the first post - The Power of Games, I receive some direct feedback from friends and readers that why did I left out traditional games and FnD mindspot main attraction - the Giant Games especially the Giant Jenga.  Well, it was intentionally actually.  I plan to mention that a bit later, consistent with the overall "storyline" of the blog.

Though I will write about games in general, but as an Asian I will definitely to some extent will put and promote it from an Asian perspective.  Yes, Games are Powerful but we have seen how the addiction to games have results in some social issues as well.  I had seen two, probably 11 or 12 years old, friends sitting next to each other for 2 hours, not a single word uttered while playing their portable games.  Still I don't blame it on the games though!  However, many online games and also mobile games have change the way we conduct our lives.

In particular, we interact physically with others less now while playing some of the games!  However, games like traditional games and  board games (GIANT or normal size) are category of games which is still have some similar games mechanic but have one extra significant element - physical interaction.  I am not saying this is an Asian cultural issues alone, but this is a more sensitive issues as far as Asian is concern.

This subject deserve a post by itself, which I will elaborate further in the future.

In this Internet age,  i don't think we should discount those "manual" games - quote by a customer " eye-opening experience.......hard to find a venue where playing card games/boardgames/strategy games can still be a lot of fun in the internet age..."  

We have bring this games to the public, people comes to our game "showroom" to play the games, and for us, we observe, learn and will share the fun and the power of the games with you.  Check out this amature clip :-)

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