This is my first ever blog and many many more coming soon, and is all about game and the Power of Game.  What games and games mechanic can do to you, your family, your community, your corporate and your life!

When I started what I am doing right now, nearly a year ago, it’s all because I see and believe how games have a lot to offer.  A lot of games I had played, watched others played it, learned and observed the mechanics of the games, experience the emotional aspect comes with it and many, many more!

I didn’t win all the time (though I wanted to…J), sometimes I lost and off course sometimes drew and WON (yaahhhooo...!).  BUT I keep on playing games and more games.

Watch & Game - Popeye
I can’t remember which game was the first and can’t also arrange it in chronological order, because I just don’t care at that time - the most important think is to have fun!  However, a few do stuck in my hall of fame like this Game & Watch! You name it, Popeye, Octopus, Fire etc.  Yes! Those who grow up in the 80s will remember this games. Ha ha…Lets see how Popeye Watch & Game in action...

RISK - Introduce me to the real world of board gaming
Then I discovered RISK board game!  And there goes my undergraduate time playing a lot of RISK (well I completed my degree in actuarial though, it help me to strategize, negotiate, communicate and win a battle!), and I really mean a lot of it!  It was in Edinburgh through RISK that I realize how a board game can make few “smart” human being meet up for FEW HOURS just to have fun being generals and lead a group of armies to war and try to accomplish their mission.  And the list of boardgames or Europe boardgames or designer boardgames goes on like Settlers of Catan, Acquire, Blokus, Power Grid, Citadel .............

...and a little promotion ha ha - you can come and play some of this game at our "Showroom" or a lepaKING place at FnD mindspot...

And ladies and gentlemen, DAYTONA - is a racing arcade game by Sega and the highest grossing arcade machine of all time (from Wikipedia). I cannot remember how many times I went to arcade centre to play this alone or race with others (my own friends or some strangers!). It was amazing to see that people actually queue up waiting their turns to play, guys and also chics...:-). Well, there are also among other arcade game Street Fighter! with Sagat, Chun Li, Honda and all those fantastic characters!!

I get to develope, train and lead an army to war!
It’s a sin if I don’t mention Warcraft 2 here.  If you played this PC game, you know what I meant!  Especially if you play with other humans or 'orcs' through network connection. For the generals, for old time sake, watch this Warcraft 2 trailer :-).  Who played this games? Executives (at least my friends at that time...:-).  Some of them have become somebody in the corporate world, some are doing very well in their own business.  One thing for sure, we all have fun and experience one of the greatest time of our lives!! 

What ever the game was, some of it we still play today! Now there are Facebook Games! All are fun games!  The question is how many of us that play Farmville is a farmer? So why we spend hours playing games? and download many of this game off course!

Games had been played thousands of years ago.  It was believe, Senet, an ancestor of backgammon is the oldest game in the world. It was played in Ancient Egypt around 3500BC.  Archaeologists have found its fossil!

The power of games is probably understated.  I use to believe games have a lot of potential, but now I can barely see the boundary that game or game mechanics can produce.

I don’t just talk and write about games.  I have create a ‘showroom’ for people to come hangout, play and have fun with friends using games, where? FnD mindspot AND we have more stories, more great experiences, more answers to the Power of Games, you can discover what type of "player" are you?

Believe me, GAMES ARE POWERFUL!    to be continue...:-)

Ezehan Reza

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