1) There were many instances that we observe that people think that these casual and manual games like traditional games and board games including euro board games were not for them.

2) They feel that the games are only for nerds.  Or when the games require some thinking, they assume it's boring.

3) Another reasons is probably because when they have never play any game or just exposed to only a couple of them like Monopoly and Scrabble for example.

4) Like to share 2 real stories:-
(i) I brought few games to a newly open restaurant.  We open this "Ricochet Robot" which is more puzzle than game.  A lady friend at the table immediately complaining that this is not her game and it will not be interesting so she did not want to play the game.  It was fine with us so we proceed playing.  However, after about just 5 minutes, while we were still thinking and bidding for the least number of solutions in the game, suddenly she interrupted and said " Can I try?".  We were surprise but replied "Go ahead" and she joint us to play the game for the next 3 rounds of the game!  Her comment "Hey, this thinking game is great! I love it!"

(ii) We brought our games to a Youth Carnival a couple of months ago.  A group of teens approach our booth and asking about the games, one of my Fun Crew have only 1 game left at that time and its this "Ricochet Robot" again :-). They gave us this "Oh no!" face, full off scary expression that this game is going to be bored to death, but they ends up playing the game alone for 2 hours!

5) It turns out that we all love to think and when playing games we having fun thinking!  And games makes us voluntarily wants to face an unnecessary obstacles!

6) So, is the game for you?  Lets try first the power of game and then you decide.   Visit us at FnD mindspot for a productive lepaking


Ezehan Reza

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