Game design is at the core of our operating platform and thinking. Though game mechanics is a key element, game dynamics is a key emphasis in all our designs. In addition to designing activities, processes, and systems into game-like structures, we also design complete games that are stand-alone and can be played for various purposes. We can design games that are both digital and non-digital:

Digital Games

We can design customized MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Games) for an organization and its employees, as well as for its customers as part of Brand Engagement programs. We can also design smaller scale games that are to be played within and between departments. We can even design larger games that will be played between several companies in a group or across an entire supply-chain. The potential benefits of such games are tremendous. 

Non-Digital Games

Games have been around for thousands of years, and board games are among the earliest form of games that are still around today. We at FunTech believe very strongly in the power and efficacy of board games to strengthen learning, communication, and positive interaction. We design customized board games for the purpose of creating engagement with important information in a fun and enjoyable way. We also design various types of events into games in order to achieve active participation, dynamic interaction, and challenging objectives.