True Gamification

Gamification has become a buzzword lately, and there is a very good reason for this. The Power of Games is very real, and because this power is linked to our own fundamental nature, it is not going to diminish. In fact, in the next several years, games are going to permeate almost every aspect of our lives. I'm certainly going to be involved in bringing that about and it's going to be a lot of fun seeing the world transform for the better.

However, because games are so evidently powerful and gamification is getting ever increasingly popular, many people and corporations are trying it out and a majority of gamification projects are not hitting the mark. Why is this? The reasons are multiple, but I believe the main factor that causes failure in gamification projects is the lack of understanding of the actual objectives that are meant to be delivered, and its meaning in the larger picture. Simply applying game mechanics and game dynamics to an existing process or system does not mean it will transform for the better, in fact, it can make things a lot worse if the larger picture is not properly grasped. The key is not in game mechanics, the key is in the Design. And to design a meaningful game that can transform behaviour and with it business performance, we need to understand not just game design, but psychology, behavioral economics, and business processes.

This is what brings me to True Gamification. Gamification on the surface is not true gamification. True Gamification goes deep into the nature of the problem or the opportunity, and Designs a customized solution that delivers. True Gamification understands the Game World and the world it is attempting to Merge, whatever that world may be. True Gamification knows when it is better to use less game mechanics, not more. True Gamification can design multiple games that fit seamlessly into an even larger game that delivers multiple objectives. This is something I believe strongly in and will continue to talk about in my future posts, but I believe I have made my point for now. Gamification done right is going to transform the world into a better place and vastly improve the quality of our experiences, and we will all be happier for it.

I Am Game

My name is Ezehan Reza and I believe in the power of Games and Fun. In fact, I believe in it so much that I decided to get in the business of Game Design and Gamification to help bring about Positive Transformation. But the kind of games we design are going to be different; they will be created for different reasons, they will be used for different purposes, they will be played by different people. We intend to Bring Games into non-gaming contexts. My company is called FunTech and we Design Fun into important activities, processes, and systems to unlock explosive potential in Creativity, Innovation, and Problem-Solving. The platform we have created for this is called ReGame.

Why do I believe Games are Powerful? Because every human being has an innate desire to have Fun. This desire to have fun can be fulfilled in many ways, but I believe that Games provide an ever-ready and very satisfying experience of having fun and expanding your horizons. Games can grab and hold your attention, and that alone makes it very,very powerful.

We have a mission: We intend to change the game about games, and we intend to create games that change the way the game is played. Sounds challenging? Well, that's what playing games is all about, and Winning is the tasty reward for Playing Well.. I Am Game...