Fun Technology

Fun is a magnetic and very powerful motivator of human behaviour. Almost every human enjoys having fun and looks for ways to increase the amount of fun in their lives. Games are powerful because they provide people with an easy, direct, and accessible way to have fun anytime. When games are well designed and created for a specific purpose, they have the potential to bring about relatively fast and sustainable behavior transformation for the benefit of improved performance. There are many formats of games that can be used for different purposes in different situations, therefore customization is essential. The purpose of FunTech is to harness the power of fun and games in non-gaming contexts to bring about desired outcomes effectively.

Using our expertise and understanding in Game Design and Game Mechanics, we create Games, Processes, and Systems that Enable the Achievement of Multiple Objectives from a single platform. We transform information into highly useful and highly engaging formats for better absorption and deeper understanding. Through FunTech, we intend to bring games into non-gaming contexts to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance.


The 21st century marketplace is constantly changing and evolving. Many of the previous ways of thinking and operating are no longer competitive. The best way to operate and compete in this marketplace is by being a Game Changer. Through our ReGame Platform, we can help you ReGame your business, and ultimately ReGame the competition.

ReGame is our operating platform that uses game design principles and game mechanics to effectively harness the motivating power of fun to achieve important goals and objectives. Though there are many specific uses for this platform, we at FunTech believe it serves 5 main purposes:

1. Solving Problems

2. Improving and Enhancing Performance

3. Effective Education

4. Driving Engagement

5. Fostering Creativity & Innovation